NEO Adult Education Staff

NEO’s teachers and their assistants are amazing educators. We invite you to come for a tour or another NEO event to meet them!


Adrienne Carrol

Director of Adult Education

Teresa Valtierra

Asst. Dir. Adult Education

Linnet Carpenter

Gary ABE Teacher

Kealey Willman

ESL Aide

Bonnie Flint

Adult Education Teacher

Anita King

Adult Education Aide

Ashley Slater-Holmes

ESL Teacher

James Pavelka

ABE Teacher

Pam Nelson

ESL Teacher

JuliAnn Nisevich

JuliAnn Nisevich

ESL Inst. East Chicago

David Shepherd

ABE Teacher

Mara Stabitz

ESL Teacher

Jean Aupont

Jean Aupont

ESL Teacher -Lake Station

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