The Big Day
Is Almost Here!

Dear Graduate:
Congratulations on your recent accomplishment! This is certainly worthy of recognition and celebration.

Therefore, you are invited to participate in NEO’s 2022 Graduation Ceremony for New Vistas High School graduates and NEO High School Equivalency (HSE / GED, HISET) graduates. The ceremony will take place on Friday, June 17, 2022, at 6:00 PM at Oakwood Grand Hall in Portage’s Woodland Park, 2100 Willow Creek Road, Portage, IN 46368.

​ All graduates, both high school and GED/HSE, will wear a cap and gown. Imagine the pride you will feel receiving your diploma with your special guests in the audience! ​

In order to ensure that the graduation ceremony runs smoothly, all participating graduates must participate in a brief practice session prior to the ceremony on Thursday, June 16 at 5:30 PM at the school (NEO). You will receive your cap and gown and four tickets for the ceremony at the practice.

While some graduates are reluctant to participate in commencement, remember your parents, grandparents, spouses, children, and other relatives and friends want to share your feelings of accomplishment and your sense of pride. Do it for your friends and family AND FOR YOURSELF!!! You have earned this moment of recognition!

​ If you wish to participate in the ceremony, YOU MUST order your cap & gown from ( as soon as possible but no later than Thursday, May 1, 2022. The link and QR code is on our web site of the school, or you can order by phone at 1.800.JOSTENS (567-8367). ​

New Vistas High School graduates who do not participate in graduation may pick up their diploma at the New Vista High School office any day (Monday through Friday) after June 22nd. Please call before you come in (850-4448).

​ We look forward to seeing you on June 16, 2022, at 5:30 PM for the practice session and at 5:30 PM (participant must arrive 1/2 hour early) for the 6:00 pm ceremony. ​

Sincerely, Rebecca A. Reiner Executive Director, Neighbors’ Educational Opportunities
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