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Welcome from our Director

Welcome to Neighbors’ Educational Opportunities. I know that I speak for the entire NEO family when I say that we will do everything we can to support you on your journey to achieving your educational goals. Our programs are designed to provide you with multiple opportunities and support systems to reach your destination.

​ Neighbors’ New Vistas Alternative High School and Neighbors Adult Education are built on the “Golden Rule” – Treat others as you would have them treat you. With this principle as our guide, we pledge to recognize, respect, and celebrate the unique value of each member of our school community. We look forward to getting to know each one of you. Learning is maximized when a school culture is rooted in respect, responsibility, and commitment to learning. At New Vistas, we provide a relevant and rigorous curriculum delivered in a way that allows each student to find success during the school year and along the path following graduation. Individualized learning plans are an important part of the process.

I am here to assist you in your pursuit of the skills needed for success in this school, home, workplace, and in the community. Please feel free to speak with me about any questions or concerns. Once again, welcome to your new school. I am so glad you are here.

– Rebecca Reiner, Executive Director NEO New Vistas HS and Adult Education

Board of Directors

Francis Vega

Frances Vega


I serve on the Board of Directors to support initiatives that resonate with me. It provides an excellent opportunity to positively affect change while supporting what I am passionate about. I am able to share my knowledge and expertise to really make a difference in the community in which I live. Ultimately, I serve to support efforts in achieving the goals that aligns with my passion for education. It is a uniquely rewarding experience.

Amelia Boggess

Vice President

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Isaac Carr


Isaac is a local Attorney who believes that education is the best way to change our community for the better. His passion is driven by his personal experiences with poverty which pushed him to gain the skills and knowledge to help others who seek to rise above their circumstances to reach their dreams. The path to reaching those dreams begins with access to quality education and the opportunities to apply that education. NEO, through its adult education program and New Vistas High School, provides such possibilities to change our community for the better.

Mark Lutze


Based on a career that spanned forty years in education, I am aware that there are students whose educational needs are not well served in the traditional educational setting. I am excited to work with fellow board members and the staff to provide an option for those students, complementing the good work done in the public schools. I believe that NEO serves to fill an important need in our community, and I look forward to work with the board to set direction and develop policies and that will help in making the organization thrive.
20210209 JLH Wyton Jones-006

Wynton Jones

I joined the board because I understand and support the need to educate the world equitably. NEO is doing something no one else in the NWI region has addressed, and it’s a blessing to serve along such a noble cause. I’m eager to get involved and learn more about the Energy Academy Initiative as I have always had personal career interest in building a conglomerate in the solar industry. As a Valpo alum, I plan to connect our resources, opportunities and expertise to advance the mission of the school. My passion and drive to make the world more efficient through renewable energy creates a lot of synergy for us. I also find fulfillment in assisting others in reaching their greatest potential in life. Overall, my deepest desire is to create positive energy, opportunities and equity for my community. Being on the board here turns those dreams and desires into reality.
Shawn Massa

Shawn Massa

It is an honor to be asked to join the NEO Board of Directors. NEO fills a void in our Northwest Indiana community through Adult Education courses and an alternative approach to the traditional high school experience. Access to quality education, promoting lifelong learning and the support to reach personal goals are something that I believe in and hope to promote as an active board member. The leadership at NEO have defined a mission and created a learning environment that I am proud to be a part of.
lupe val

Jose G. (Lupe) Valtierra, J.D

Community Development Educator, Purdue Extension

NEO is premised on the notion of providing equitable access to educational opportunities for all community members, regardless of situation or circumstance.  My personal and professional focus mirrors this mission, hence why I choose to serve on the NEO Board. I believe equitable educational opportunities are key to the advancement of society, and we need to support organizations that strive to that goal.


Samantha Burgett, MSW, LSW

Founder – Community Change Center: WeAreOne, Inc

I am humbled to serve on the Board of Directors at an agency that truly goes above and beyond to meet people where they are at. Education and knowledge are key to breaking barriers and opening opportunities, and I am proud to play a minor role in helping make education more accessible to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.


Rebecca Reiner

Executive Director

Adrienne Carrol

Director of Adult Education

David Plesac

David Plesac

Principal, New Vistas
High School

Mary Lee Carr

HSE Testing Coordinator

Aleshia Williams

High School Special Education Coordinator

Jennifer Jennings

Business Manager

Debra Willis

Test Administrator

Melissa Alvarado

Administrative Assistant

Teisha Knight

Compliance Coordinator


Collin Majszak

IT Director

Teresa Valtierra

Asst. Dir. Adult Education

Rodney Willis

Facilities Manager

Rachel Herald

School Counselor

Angela Kochan

High School Science

Shelley Schmidt

High School English

Anita King

Para Educator & Adult Education Aide

Mr S Cvelbar

Scott Cvelbar

Social Studies

Bernetra Grayer

High School Art

Joe Posavac

High School Math

Debra. Fomby-Hunt

High School Online Learning Supervisor

Mr. Childress

High School Math

Ashley Slater-Holmes

ESL Evening Portage

Kealey Willman

ESL Aide

Bonnie Flint

Adult Education Teacher

James Pavelka

ABE Teacher

David Shepherd

Adult Education
Evening Classes Teacher

Linnet Carpenter

Gary ABE Teacher

Mara Stibitz

ESL Teacher

Pam Nelson

ESL Teacher

Monet Smith

School Mental Health Counselor

Marsha Halford

Marsha Halford

Food Service Manager

Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams

ISS & Parent Liaison

Isabel Cano


Louise Claussen

School Nurse